Sun Joe Raker Joe Leaf Scoops

Sun Joe Raker Joe Leaf Scoops
Sun Joe Raker Joe Leaf Scoops
Sun Joe Raker Joe Leaf Scoops
Sun Joe Raker Joe Leaf Scoops

Sun Joe Raker Joe Leaf Scoops

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Sun Joe Raker Joe Leaf Scoops will support your training and performance needs with its fit and moisture-wicking properties. An elastic waistband keeps the shirt in place through all your movements while the tight compression silhouette supports your muscles with the potential to reduce fatigue and injury.
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Category: Men Loungewear

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Product Description

Sun Joe Raker Joe Leaf Scoops

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Desription and Feature for Sun Joe Raker Joe Leaf Scoops

Get the inside scoop on moving leaves to your mulcher or shredder with these lightweight Sun Joe raker leaf scoops. Comfy elastic bands securely attach the scoops to your hands, while generous raking claws grab every bit of yard waste. From Sun Joe(R).

  • Includes two handheld scoops
  • 10 raking claws per scoop help maximize leaf pickup
  • Secure-fit elastic bands
  • Corrosion-resistant construction
  • Measures approximately 14-5/8"L x 11-3/4"H; weighs approximately 0.75lb
  • Imported

Additional Information

Size Neck Chest Arm


13.3-13.6 31.3-32.3 30.3


12.8-13.2 30.8-31.8 29.8


13.3-13.8 32.3-35.3 29.3


11.4-11.9 30.4-31.4 29.4

M Tall

11.1-11.5 32.1-34.1 30.1


11.8-12.3 31.8-34.8 28.8

L Tall

13.1-13.5 33.1-34.1 32.1


12.8-13.2 30.8-32.8 28.8

XL Tall

12.6-13 32.6-34.6 30.6


11.5-12 30.5-31.5 29.5


13.3-13.6 34.3-35.3 33.3