Sure Fit Scroll Love Seat Slipcover

Sure Fit Scroll Love Seat Slipcover
Sure Fit Scroll Love Seat Slipcover
Sure Fit Scroll Love Seat Slipcover
Sure Fit Scroll Love Seat Slipcover

Sure Fit Scroll Love Seat Slipcover

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  • Fits most love seats up to 73"W
  • 66% cotton/34% polyester
  • Machine wash, line dry
  • Made in Taiwan

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Redefine the look of any love seat with this slipcover. Fashioned from cotton-rich damask, it's enhanced with an allover leaf pattern and boasts just a touch of elegant sheen. Wide ties and a sumptuous draping skirt complete the polished design. From Sure Fit.Pillows (shown) not included.

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Size Neck Chest Arm


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12.2-12.7 29.2-32.2 26.2


13-13.4 32-35 29


12.5-12.9 33.5-36.5 30.5

M Tall

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13.1-13.6 33.1-35.1 31.1

L Tall

12.4-12.8 29.4-30.4 28.4


11-11.3 32-33 31

XL Tall

12.8-13.1 33.8-34.8 32.8


13-13.5 30-32 28


12.6-13 30.6-31.6 29.6